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Edmonton Homeopathy

Discover a true healing art

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Jessica Jackson Silva

Registered with The Canadian Society of Homeopaths, Jessica Jackson Silva, CHom, RCSHom, has been practicing homeopathy since 1989. 


She is committed to a traditional approach by whole-heartedly listening and perceiving each person as a whole and unique individual, with physical complaints that are intimately connected to a mental and emotional state that is deeply personal. 

How Can Homeopathy Help You?

It is said by the early homeopaths, "Do not only show me your physical symptoms. Show me the person who is suffering with these symptoms. That will determine the best remedy to cure the physical."

Attention deficit & autism

Respiratory illnesses 

Hormonal disorders

Depression and Anxiety 

Sleep Disorders

Digestive troubles 

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What Patients Say

“Jessica has changed our life and I will be forever grateful. My daughter had a periodic fever syndrome that was not able to be cured by western medicine, acupuncture, or naturopathy. After one visit and one dose of her remedy, the path to healing began. She was cured and many other ailments were cured as well. I began treatment for myself for the chronic headaches I had had since childhood and they vanished in a few weeks. Highly recommend!” 


Symptoms speak for the whole. Treating the whole cures the symptoms.

Herbal Oils

What is Homeopathy? 

Homeopathy is a healing modality that is based on an ancient idea in medicine known as the Law of Similars. Hippocrates wrote about it, Paracelsus argued for it, and medical literature throughout time has offered innumerable case studies to validate the idea that whatever can cause illness is the very same substance to heal that illness.  In a quote from a long ago scripture comes the following: "Man wounds with a knife and heals with a plaster, but God heals with the very same thing with which he smites." A gentler version from a 16th century Spanish mystic, paraphrased here: It is love that wounds us, and it is love that will heal us.


The only aim of your homeopath is to discover what substance from nature, is specific to your suffering, and to provide that substance in a safe, gentle, non-toxic form to activate your body to heal.

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