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Real people, real cures

People's lives change with homeopathy.

Not only do physical symptoms resolve, mental and emotional states become quieted and clear. People find new horizons in their lives, free of patterns they were never before able to transcend. 



At a six week follow-up after a remedy from the animal kingdom was prescribed for the complaint of vertigo with nausea: the vertigo had completely resolved after the homeopathic remedy and came back with a vengeance two days ago. The nausea was intense. She remembered as a child she had recurrent stomach flu and vertigo was a big component. Over the weekend she experienced similar stomach symptoms briefly, and then the vertigo stopped. She says, "With it gone I had more energy, focusing was better. It completely resolved, no waves at all. Since starting this remedy, my reactions have changed. I’m not nearly as emotional. I don’t take things personally anymore. I just see a problem to solve. Nothing to do with me. It doesn’t trigger that internal sense of feeling offended. The way I’ve managed stressors has changed. Sleeping very well. Headaches that were chronic are now not as frequent, and they are fleeting, they don’t stay. A pressure that comes and goes. Repeating the remedy has helped. Anger was my first line of defense when I was frightened, stressed, pressured with deadlines, or if I was hurt. My first emotion was always anger. I used anger. Otherwise I’d go into depression. Now I’m becoming more confident. I have far more options than I thought I did. Asking more profound questions about what I’m doing with my life. I have way more to say and way more options, more power. As opposed to feeling like a victim, someone telling me what to do all the time. I’m beginning to see far more options and empowerment. I don’t have to do this and this. I can say no. I don’t have to be mindlessly obedient. In the past I gave more importance to what was wanted of me than what I want. And I'm having other things in life than only work! For money or at home or to keep everyone else happy. The scope of life has opened up. No blame in it, just awareness. What could I do that is more than just a pay check and would be good for me? I’m no longer on the edge all the time. Something shifted internally for me and it's integrating and it will establish different functioning. Once that’s grounded there’s inner strength. I’m not at the mercy of external events. Before I was a bull with a ring being torn and tossed, to and fro. Now I am more rooted which is very foreign to me. I’m still coming to terms with it. I like that direction. There’s a calmness. It's very different. Something else is taking its place."







Three month follow up after a remedy from the plant kingdom for the complaint of anxiety and neuralgia. There is a positive switch in moods after beginning homeopathic treatment. Her energy is up. Now pain occurs intermittently, only if stressed. She's feeling better in regards to connection and feels more connected with herself. She's happier overall and started working out again. "That's a huge difference! My body is working on clearing the system.” There's less anxiety. She notices it sooner, and is able to rein it in and is not reacting as before. Mentally the remedy has helped a lot. “I can see the thought pattern going to the negative and I’m able to change that, that’s new, very different.” She is no longer experiencing the intensity she had described as a restricting flow or restricted life force. The neuralgia is quite a bit better. She 

only had a very minor amount with her menses. "A huge difference! I’m starting to feel benefits so I will keep going in the direction I’m going. Thank you.”












Follow up after six months using a mineral remedy for the complaint of back pain. "It's amazing, my back is way better. It recently became a bit sore but almost disappeared, even with plane flights. No problem. Energy and sleep is better. Thought with traveling I’d get run down, or get the flu or put my back out. Nothing. My outlook is more positive, I have more energy. There are less feelings of hopelessness and lethargy. I have a little more Can Do. Feel better with my back-- it's not bothering my sleep. I was skeptical but it’s done what I hoped it would. I'm a lot more positive. I feel better about things in general, rather than negative. I’m feeling more like 'bring ‘em on we’ll take care of them.' Before with so much to do, I was debilitated. I know I’ve got to eat better and exercise. My concentration is better. Still not where it should be; I had a chore to do in that regard and pleased it didn’t debilitate me. I got it done. My comfort is to jump from one thing to another. I’ve fallen off the wagon twice since last seeing you. It was for celebrating though. I wasn’t feeling down. I have less sense that I am hiding. I’m dealing better with things, with more energy and effectiveness. Dreams of things I didn’t deal with at work, reminders: don’t forget to do. I don’t see my nature to please others as a negative thing anymore. I even delivered some messages I knew people didn’t want to hear. I have more courage. I said what needed to be said.  It was positive and with few laughs, too. When I get positive feedback from my boss and my peers it reinforces me. I feel better. I’m less a slave to the world I’m in and to drugs and alcohol. I knew I had responsibilities. I didn’t have to get drunk. That holds back you’re effectiveness. I’ve been more effective.

I’m less hard on myself. I’m more positive, more energy, more in control and empowered."

Cotton Plant

These people have continued happily in their lives, free of daily medications, and open to resolving the conditions in their lives with new found perceptions and internal resources. Each case provides an example of the kingdoms in nature from which we draw our remedies. Actually, anything in the world could be processed and manufactured into a homeopathic remedy. Finding the one substance that will resonate with and activate your system to shift from old to new, from pain to peace, from the troubled sense of self to the whole unhindered you is the art of homeopathy.

You are invited to discover how homeopathy may create health and good vibrations in your life. Kindly email with your inquiries or visit the booking site directly.

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