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Dana Ullman writes in his handy home remedy book THE ONE MINUTE HEALER about the common cold:

        “The common cold is the result of a viral infection and the mucus is a liquid vehicle that eliminates the dead viruses and the body’s dead white blood cells that have valiantly fought the viruses.

        The nasal discharge that you experience with a cold is thus a healthy response to an infection. Now that you know this discharge is the body performing an important and healing function, you can understand that to treat it with a “clothespin” doesn't make sense. And yet, many people take over-the-counter cold remedies that have a similar effect. These drugs dry up the mucus that the body is creating in its effort to get rid of the dead viruses and white blood cells and heal the body. It is no wonder that such drugs only work temporarily and cause side effects, including congestion and drowsiness.

        Scientists have identified over two hundred viruses that cause the common cold and more are discovered all the time. Despite our modern medical prowess physicians and drug companies remain stymied on how to effectively prevent or treat this all-pervasive affliction. 

        The common cold lasts anywhere from two days to two weeks. Infants and children commonly get about six colds a year teenagers usually three or four and the number of colds that adults suffer tends to decline throughout life, except for those adults who are exposed to children who have colds. Because the nasal discharge from a cold is a healthy defensive reaction of the body, it has been said, don't cure a cold, let a cold cure you!”


In a Yale-led study, researchers discovered that “exposure to the rhinovirus, the most frequent cause of the common cold, can protect against infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus…These findings may help explain why at times of year when colds are common, rates of infections with other viruses such as influenza tend to be lower.” If you are interested in reviewing this study, email to receive a pdf.


Here are a few easy home remedies to help your body through the flu or a cold:

        Get some fresh air or get hot! Have a sauna and sweat it out or enjoy a hot bath and head for bed, pile on the covers and raise your body temperature to burn out the virus.

        Take one gram of Vitamin C every 2 hours (reduce the amount if diarrhea develops). You may benefit from taking Garlic capsules: 2 caps three times each day.

        Oscillococcinum taken at the onset of flu symptoms is very effective. Follow the directions on the manufacturer’s package for dosage and expect best results by taking it during the first twenty four hours of feeling ill.

         Make lemonade with equal parts fresh lemon juice and water, add a pinch of cayenne pepper and some honey (not too much honey). This drink will work better when it is tart and hot. Don’t boil the lemon juice. That reduces the Vitamin C content. Cayenne is known to help stimulate mucus membranes, loosen mucus and increase circulation. Gargle with the first two gulps, then drink the rest.

         Green soup* Combine 2 zucchini, 2 celery stalks, one handful of green beans and one. handful of parsley in a generous pot of water and bring to a boil. Add onions and garlic for greater flavour. If you are feeling chilled, add ginger. If you are hot and feverish, add soy sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes, puree and fast on this soup for 24 hours. 

        *Green soup is practically a miracle cure at the onset or during convalescence of any acute illness.


The very best advice is generations old: rest and drink plenty of fluids. Your body will naturally respond and resolve the common cold while you do as little as possible. And if by chance your system needs a boost, remember homeopathy. Please book a phone consult if your symptoms become severe, or if you realize you need a bit more help.

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