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Children & Homeopathy

Children respond exceptionally well to homeopathic treatment and homeopathy is a particularly desirable option for parents who are keen to choose a system of medicine for their children that is gentle, safe and very effective. 

Kid Playing with Bubble

Getting to know your child, in order to find a remedy that will work, is a different ballgame than with adults. The inquiry can be fun, and ultimately relaxing for your child, to be seen and understood. Gentle inquiry, understanding, and revelation are the magic of a child’s homeopathic visit. 


As the parent, you are encouraged to bring the following observations to the consultation:


Exploring the chief complaint: 


Are there any other symptoms present along with the main concern?


Have there been changes in the hair, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, nails and skin?


How does their tongue look?


If there are discharges what are they like (thick, thin, watery, colors, location, time of day or night, etc.)?


Is the child cold or easily heated; where and when do they perspire?


What changes occure for your child during an acute illness, including emotional or mental changes?


Understanding your child’s personality is paramount. Consider these questions:


What has come through your child that is natural and spontaneous, that wasn’t taught to her or him, that stands outside the culture or family?


What does your child do when alone, without influence of others?


What stories, videos, toys or games does your child enjoy and repeats often?


When your child interacts with others what do you observe that is natural to him or her and comes spontaneously?


Mom’s history during pregnancy and shortly after delivery:


What changes did you notice in your physical, mental or emotional state which are generally not characteristic of you and came only during pregnancy?


What changed in your thoughts, feelings, fears, interests or hobbies, and dreams while you were pregnant?


What changes did you experience in your general health or in particular symptoms while pregnant?


Did you experience any other unusual bodily sensations during pregnancy?



More to know:


Unlike conventional drugs, given in a standard course, homeopathics are individualized to the needs of your child. Only a few doses may be necessary to activate the body’s own powers of recovery. If you find the child does not respond to a given remedy, a different remedy must be prescribed, and no harm done with an incorrect prescription.


Homeopathy works by stimulating your child’s own immune system so that illness is resolved naturally from the inside. Once clear signs of improvement are obvious, no further doses are required. Immunity is enhanced and medications are unnecessary. 


In summary, your homeopath wants to understand your child, his or her personality and nature, as well as what challenges your child mentally or emotionally, along with physcial signs and symptoms. It is a comprehensive picture to fill in and, with your support, leads to safe and effective treatment for your children.     



Compiled with gratitude to Dr. Dinesh Chauhan from The Art of Casetaking in Children

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