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Misty Slopes

What to expect

The homeopathic process entails much discovery about what energy is influencing your whole system in a way that may have once been beneficial but has become a hindrance for you. 


That energy is recognizable as a pattern from nature, a pattern that can be created by a homeopathic remedy. These pattern recognitions are based on more than two hundred years of homeopathic Materia Medica, clinical studies, as well as cured homeopathic cases.


Discovering the right remedy for your individual case and providing that remedy in the right potency and repetitions will activate a healing response in your body and mind to begin a healing process. That is the meaning of Like Cures Like, the most fundamental principle of homeopathy. What can create the same pattern of energy that is troubling you is the substance that will cure. It is the apex of wholistic, natural and scientific means.


At the initial visit, your homeopath listens, asking a few questions to help you go deeper into your experience and to encourage your opening to what is calling to be cured. Of course physical symptoms must be addressed, but the inquiry reaches especially into what is behind the physical, deeper than what is manifesting on the physical and emotional levels.


The initial visit is 2 hours. Often it will require more time after the session to research what is the best remedy choice. Your remedy is shipped to you within a week. The initial visit fee is $225 for adults, $175 for children (one hour). Follow up visits are beneficial to review and make any necessary changes. Those appointments are about an hour. The fee is $125 for adults, $75 for children (30 minutes).


Currently I am meeting with new clients via Zoom. If you would like to schedule a visit, please email

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